How Has Social Media Changed the Way Employers Recruit Candidates?

How Has Social Media Changed the Way Employers Recruit Candidates?

How Has Social Media Changed the Way Employers Recruit Candidates?Social media is a pervasive part of how we now operate in our personal and professional lives. It is an invaluable marketing tool of big and small businesses, but it is also an invaluable recruitment tool for both. Recruitment for big and small businesses is changing as the technology changes and as a job seeker and as a recruiter it is important to be aware of these changes.

Recruitment strategies will vary from business to business. Before the intervention of social media, if a company was recruiting they would either approach a recruitment company to handle the recruitment for them or they would advertise the post themselves in newspapers, on in-house job boards or in shop windows. While some companies still use these approaches with good results, the recruitment process has diversified.

There are some older recruitment processes that are still used, despite the prevalence of social media. In bigger companies, all they need to do is advertise the job in-house and they will receive a boat load of applications. And some companies actually prefer to promote from within. That being said, all companies want to make sure that they are reaching the best people for the position so inevitably they will also cast a wider net.

Some companies advertise jobs on their company websites; these will draw applicants who are already looking at their company page. Then companies will also post on job boards, these are websites that allow job searchers to create a profile, upload a resume and then apply for jobs that are listed. Many of these sites also now have mobile apps.

Then there are also job search engines, where applicants can search a number of job sites all at once. These are very useful for job seekers. These are the kinds of recruitment strategies that have been used in the past, and continue to be used. There is no getting around the fact that jobs are going to be advertised in a variety of different places and as a job seeker it is important to be aware of it. Some companies will want to stick to more traditional forms of recruitment, but there are others who are moving with the times and using social media not only to recruit but to advertise jobs. As a job seeker you need to change your approach to job searching to take this into account.

There has definitely been a shift in how companies, big and small are choosing to recruit candidates. This change has come in the form of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and even blogging. Companies are now posting jobs on Facebook and Twitter. This means that it is beneficial for candidates to follow companies they are interested in on Twitter and Facebook so that they can receive job postings as soon as they appear.

The major source that companies are using to recruit candidates is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional networking site where companies and job seekers create profiles. As a company it is in your best interests to have a LinkedIn page, since this is where the top people are now searching for work. It is not only for people who are seeking work, it is also for people to network professionally. You can follow people you have met once at a meeting, link to their networks and take part in interesting industry discussions.

The key changes that have happened in recruiting as a result of social media, is first that employers are now posting job descriptions in different places. Moving away from only using newspapers and job boards, companies are now posting on social media platforms. But the second way recruiting has changed is that employers are using social media to screen and vet potential candidates. This has been a very effective tool, but it has also meant a lot of embarrassment for potential candidates who don’t keep track of the content put on their social media pages or their privacy settings. But it can also work in the candidate’s favour if they have a well-constructed, well-conceived online social media presence. Social Media has taken some of the guess work out of recruiting candidates, and it has made a rather large professional world, much smaller and more manageable.


By Richard McMunn

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