HR Should Own the Company Career Site

HR Should Own the Company Career Site

Over the last year, I have spoken with hundreds of HR professionals from a variety of organizations about the state of their company’s employer brand. Many of these conversations were educational, painting the picture of the value of a robust employer brand, while other Heads of HR were fluent in conversation. They could readily share their Employer Value Proposition (EVP), and were excited to talk about how their employer brand has impacted recruiting costs and their own turnover rates, among other KPI’s.

There is one consistency among the many professionals I have spoken with, and it relates to a common pain-point often experienced internally among HR teams. THE CAREER SITE. Did I need to capitalize, bold the font and underline this? Probably not. But if THE CAREER SITE was as important to companies as it is to millennial talent, maybe it deserves more attention. After all, when asking Gen-Y, “Which channels do you use to learn about potential employers,” 67% of this talent population looks to the career site before any other medium. A talent population that will make up 75% of the workforce over the next 10 years.

The challenge we so often hear is that HR seldom owns their company’s career site. Even if they did, few HR executives possess the technical skills to make real-time changes to content shared online. In most cases, site changes have to go through a myriad of avenues before they are finally reflected. Many HR teams have to run their online content by marketing/branding, IT, or often both departments. The time it takes to get content live can become lengthy with so many cooks in the kitchen. We understand the frustration when your passive and active talent audience wants to learn more about what it’s like to work for you, but the site content does not reflect what is true about your company’s DNA.

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What if there was a way to put the control in the hands of HR (where most HR executives believe the career site belongs)? Where technical skills were unnecessary to make real-time changes to the content on your mobile-friendly career site. Where timelines were reduced from weeks to minutes, and the measurement of who is viewing your content online, when they’re seeing it, and where in the world they are located was at your fingertips? The answer to your next question is, “Yes, it’s possible.” I’d love to hear if this is a challenge you would like to address head on, because taking control of your career-site content is as easy as responding to this article.