Professionals Ideal Employers Denmark 2013

Professionals Ideal Employers Denmark 2013Denmark’s Most Attractive Employers for Professionals in 2013

The results of the Danish Professional Survey reveal how working professionals perceive organizations as employers in Denmark. The research functions as a basis for decision-making when recruiting professionals, determining messages and channels for future employer branding campaigns, and as a control instrument for measuring employer appeal.

Fast facts

Number of participants in 2013: 3,782
Field period: June 2013 – October 2013
Number of employer evaluations: 12,076

News release: The Danish choose Google, Lego and Novo Nordisk and one-third want to change employer in 2014

We surveyed 3,700 working professionals in Denmark to get insights on their career expectations and preference. The results have then been broken down based on the professionals’ academic degrees in Business, Engineering and IT. By asking the target group to choose their favorite organizations, Universum presents Denmark’s most attractive employers. Read more

The rankings are presented according to the professionals’ background field of study. Please use the drop-down window below to see all the rankings.