KarriärBarometern 2012

Sweden’s Ideal Employers among young professionals 2012

Universum, the employer branding company, presents Sweden’s Top 100 most attractive employers for professionals. Close to 15,000 young professionals, with an Engineering or IT degree, have chosen these ideal employers. The one thing these organizations have in common is: they excel in talent attraction and retention.
Ranking Highlights

● For the third year, H&M is the most attractive employer among business professionals.

● Google is the most attractive employer for both Engineering and IT professionals.

● Challenging work and and the presence of leaders who support development are important factors in shaping Swedish young professionals’ choice of an ideal employer.

● Spotify enters the ranking for the first time, and enters the top 10 for each list.

● Management consulting firms are rising on both the business and the engineering ranking. McKinsey & Company is in the top 5 for the first time.