The Importance of Inspiring Purpose

The Importance of Inspiring Purpose



Take a look at your workplace. Do the employees look ready to seize the day? Or are they just pushing through? If they don’t seem enthusiastic, you have a problem, not only because disengaged employees are less efficient but also because they are less likely to stay at your company, especially if the work is not in line with their career goals.

So what’s the solution? It lies in inspiring purpose.

Inspired Employees Are Better Employees

Although many students may not be thinking of inspiring purpose as a key attribute when searching for an employer, it can be critical for keeping them motivated and retaining them. Research has shown that happy employees are 12 percent more productive on average. To inspire the workplace, leaders must believe in and be passionate about the company’s vision and purpose, and convincingly articulate the mission and goals. However, employers must be sure that such purpose-driven messaging doesn’t overshadow the practical attributes young talents often value strongly during the early years of their career. Hence, developing a strong EVP (employee value proposition) to reward your workers for their skills, input and performance is essential.

Without Inspiration,There Is No Reason to Work

Without an overarching purpose, your employees have no direction and no dreams, and thus can quickly run out of energy. Southwest Airlines, a master of employer branding and motivating its team, does an incredible job of inspiring. The airline company states clearly that its vision is to become the globe’s most loved, most profitable and most flown airline, and that its purpose is to connect passengers to what’s important in life by providing reliable and affordable travel. The result: an engaged team that delivers exceptional customer service and reliable transportation.

Inspired Employees Believe in the Company’s Leadership

A Gallup survey found roughly 50 percent of people who quit their job do so because of dissatisfaction with their manager or boss. Undoubtedly, such workers have not felt inspired by what they’re doing, and that’s because leadership has not communicated the company’s vision and purpose effectively. Without guidance, expectations and priorities are not clear — and clarity of such is crucial to employee performance. By inspiring purpose through communication and guidance, you keep top talents from becoming disengaged and dissatisfied with leadership — which is crucial in retaining them.

Understanding What Your Employees Value

Of course, different countries and cultures have varying ideas of what defines purposeful work. Therefore, it’s vital that companies understand the details and methods for inspiring purpose in Tokyo will be different from in Rio de Janeiro, for example. But the main idea remains that people want to see value in their work. In fact, 98 percent of people want to experience work as meaningful. That should tell you this: Go inspire your team to do something great.

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