In Wake of Admissions Bribery Scandal, Talent Perception Matters More than Ever

In Wake of Admissions Bribery Scandal, Talent Perception Matters More than Ever

Ivy League Universum

Stanford, Yale, USC and UCLA were all universities involved in the most recent college scandal that put parents in the spotlight for attaining college acceptances for their children through bribes.  

This event has garnered considerable media attention, and its consequences for all potential and current students, employer partners, and university staff engaged will not go unnoticed. Regaining the public’s trust through genuine reconciliation and branding measures is crucial.  

Universum has insights from its most recent annual survey that could be explored to rescue the image of these institutions and help universities recover from this hit. 

Similarly, employers that recruit at these universities will be impacted by the scandal. If their leadership attended one of the affected schools, will their reputation and credibility be shaken by their alma mater’s, and therefore the reputation of their organization? Will top employers that hire primarily from these universities still be as attractive as before? 

Questions like these, and measures to take moving forward, must be deliberated by every party involved. Universum’s research provides insights that reveal perception changes over time, providing the ability to analyze trends and how they are evolving regarding these university students’ attitudes toward leading employers.  

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