Increase employee productivity by providing flex time

Increase employee productivity by providing flex time

The results of this week’s poll are interesting:

  • Six out of ten people believe that employees work more if given flex time and the opportunity to work from home
  • Over a quarter believe that there is no difference and that employees work the same amount
  • A little over one-tenth (13%) feel like employees in fact work less, than if they were obliged to go to the office and fulfil their regular working hours.

One could guess that if employees worked less, Microsoft wouldn’t have created the “Work from Home Day”. As Kate Kalmstrom mentions, there are many benefits, namely:

  • Avoid wasting time commuting to and from work
  • Better focus on tasks at hand, as an open office can be distracting
  • Perhaps an even more cosy and comfortable setting to work in,  again allowing the person to produce more

Surely on the employer side, there is a lot of trust involved, i.e. that your employees will be working. One could assume  that certain employees would abuse the benefits. But in general, so long as employees deliver on projects and meet deadlines, why should it matter when and how they work, right?

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