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Our insights provide employers with strategic tools that empower them to capture the right talent and reduce their marketing cost-per-hire. We advise employers regarding their image, competitors and audience. Via our consulting services, they can choose and decide what their desired brand position should be. Lastly, we plan their communication activities and direct them to act by reaching the talent market through relevant channels.

Our market insights can empower employers to achieve one or all of the following benefits:

  • Optimise utilisation of your budget
  • Increase the quality of your job applicants
  • Improve the accept/reject ratio
  • Increase staff retention
  • Use your culture as a recruitment asset

Our global & local approach

Despite the increased interaction among people all over the world brought on by technology, most of the time we physically live and act within our local environment. Talented people are attracted and motivated by different things in different countries. While a managerial title is very attractive in India, for example, monetary incentives are more attractive to students in Russia. The success of different communication channels also varies from market to market.

We conduct research in more than 30 countries across the globe. Our global approach allows us to compare career-seekers’ preferences as well as their perceptions of employers across markets. We help employers with their global strategies by providing insights about their brand image in their key recruitment markets.

Our research enables organizations  to study and evaluate their employer attractiveness, employer attributes, as well as students’ career preferences and how they differ between markets to understand the results of their employer branding efforts overall.

More about our research

Ever since Universum was founded,research has been the foundation on which the company has grown. Conducting more than 80 surveys annually in 30 countries, the Universum research department is made of analysts and researchers from around the world, led by the global centre of excellence in Stockholm, Sweden.

By continuously maintaining a close dialogue with leading academics in the field, the quality and validity of the end result is ensured. Our 20 years of experience in the field and co-operation with leading professors from top universities enable us to stay at the front line of the development of employer branding. We are also proud of the fact that our findings are used all over the world as material for new research.

Universum Research adheres to the highest ethical standards. The Universum Surveys are:


Companies cannot pay to be included in the surveys and all responses are anonymous.


The data is presented for the population as a whole as well as various themes, such as gender, ethnicity, area of study, industry, age, etc.


More than 600,000 students and professionals globally take the Universum surveys.