2020 Outlook Future of Employer Branding Webinar

2020 Outlook Future of Employer Branding Webinar

Universum gathered its resources to survey over 2000 HR professionals and CEOs round the globe to get their take on talent recruitment and employer branding.
In this unparalleled study on the employer perspective of talent acquisition, Universum delves into the world of employer preferences on talent attributes, the state of employer branding to the development of brand activation…and looks at the trends five years ahead.
In the 2020 Outlook we look at:

1. State of Employer Branding

An executive view of how organizations tackle talent attraction, and the obstacles that stand in their way.
How will employers work with employer branding in the future? Who will be involved internally? And what is expected from top management in the future? How is the cooperation between HR, communications and marketing developing? How do they measure their activities today and how are they activating their employer value proposition internally?

2. The Employer Brand misalignment

What stands in the way of best-in-class Talent attraction? 
The consumer brand vs. employer brand debate. Marketing around consumer brands nowadays is starting to be more connected to what companies offer as employers. For example if innovation, safety and environmental sustainability are delivered to consumers, employees also expect the companies to deliver on these promises internally. A mismatch between the consumer and employer brand may be expensive and affect retention rates negatively.

3. Talent Inside Out

How personas influence hiring (now and in the future)
Will employers focus more on the personal profile and experience of a new hire rather than degree and grades? Is it even worth it for career seekers to study an MBA? What type of personality skills are employers looking for today? And how will that change in the future? How do companies see future leaders and what do they expect from them?

 4. Using Social Media for Talent Attraction
Many companies show a surprising lack of competence in the social realm. Will greater investments deliver results?

How is social media changing employers’ perception of communication? And how do they distribute their communication budget? How are employers controlling what is said about them in social media today? And how are they planning to tackle this in the future? Which channels will they spend money on in the future and why? What are their biggest challenges and what are they doing to prepare for potential storms?