The B2T Model – Addressing Internal Employer Branding

The B2T Model – Addressing Internal Employer Branding

How to tackle the challenge of internal employer branding?


Talent attraction and recruitment have become more difficult. Broad marketing campaigns and extensive job advertising are losing their impact. In the networked society of today, people increasingly trust other sources such as family and friends and their extended social networks through channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook. This has altered the B2T model, the business to talent model. Employers have to reach out to talent in new ways. How are your company planning on doing this?

“To get employees ̒going’ they need to feel that they are part of something important.

Employers need to clarify what they stand for, their values and mission in a wider perspective.”

Check out this report and learn how to address internal employer branding. Learn the importance of clarifying the employer value proposition, and make sure employers feel it is true. By creating a positive work environment, and building strong culture and identity, employees can help to attract talent by spreading positive information about their employer in their own social networks.