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Talent attraction in the Energy industry

What university students look for in future employers, and what that means for the organizations seeking to hire them.
There was once a time when a job in the oil and gas industry was a golden ticket to a secure and stable future. But not anymore.
The global need for oil is being curtailed by myriad forces – tougher fuel economy regulations, larger reserves from shale oil production, new viable sources of alternative energy and technological advances in engine design. Couple this with global economic weakness, particularly in China and Europe, and we’re seeing the destabilization of what was once considered a rock-solid career path.
From a recruiters’ perspective, fewer jobs and more talented graduates to pick from sounds like a win-win situation. But there are several dangers lurking.
With the Talent Insights Series, Universum aims to uncover what graduates are looking for in future employers in the oil and gas, renewable and nuclear energy sectors. We then examine how companies can translate these findings into actionable steps for HR, recruiting and C-level leadership.

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