Global Cost of Talent Index 2013

Global Cost of Talent Index 2013

Salary expectations around the world

Where in the world do students have the highest salary expectations? Some 432,000 undergraduate in 24 countries answered the question: “What is your expected monthly salary (before tax) in your first job after graduation?” From the data received, Universum has produced The Global Cost of Talent Index, revealing the top 10 countries where undergrads cost the most for companies to hire. The infographic also shows which countries have the largest salary gaps between men and women, as female students globally expect to earn less money in comparison to male students.

In Switzerland, students expect to earn on average around $7000 per month whereas in the USA students want around $4,300. Switzerland also has a pay gap between men and women amounting to $986. The countries that have students with the lowest salary demands are China, India and Poland. In Poland students want to make $963 in their first job. For employers, do these results surprise you? Or are they aligned to what your new hires are asking for?

global cost of talent index infographic