Millennials and their Greatest Fears

Millennials and their Greatest Fears

We asked Millennials about their fears related to their work life. On the whole, Millennials fear they will get stuck with no development opportunities (40 percent), that they will not realize their career goals (32 percent) and that they won’t find a job that matches their personality (32 percent).

What’s interesting, however, is the degree to which certain regions have what we’ll call “outlier fears”—or responses that were significantly different from their peers in other areas of the globe. For example, only in Latin American did Millennials feel acutely conscious of not realizing their career goals (49 percent) and in the Middle East, almost half of Millennials (46 percent) worried they would not find a job that matched their personality. In Africa, more Millennials worried they would not get the chances they deserved because of their ethnic background (22 percent)—a finding that differed significantly from the average across other regions (12% North America, 13% Middle East, 2% LATAM and 1% CEE).

Also interesting, Africans simply do not have the same preponderance of worries as their peers in other regions. (And we can rule out the possibility they did not find our survey’s multiple-choice answers adequate because only 7 percent—roughly equivalent with many other regions—chose “other.”) On the African continent, the most commonly identified fear was getting stuck with no development opportunities, but that answer was chosen by only 28 percent (compared to Central and Eastern Europe, where 50 percent chose it). On the whole, Africans simply chose fewer worries than their peers in other regions.

*Caveat: The views reflected in this study represent Millennials with access to the internet in 43 and not 42 countries as cited in the video.