Millennials differ greatly

Millennials differ greatly

Millennials differ greatly

A look at the diversity of Millennial ideas and attitudes within regions

Not surprisingly, country-level economics and culture shape how Millennials think about critical career issues. While studies often talk about regions like Asia-Pacific or Western Europe as a unified whole, in truth individual countries within regions often are as different as one region to the next.

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Are stereotypes about Millennials— such as their expectation of advancing rapidly in their careers, or their idealistic focus on work-life balance—really fair? And to what degree are these ideas true across different regions of the globe? Most large-scale Millennial studies have focused on a particular region—often the US, Western Europe and Asia—but we set out to test conventional wisdom across every region of the globe.

Is it fair to think the Asia-Pacific label, for example, represents a unified whole? Do 20-somethings in India feel similarly to those in Japan? Australia? (The answer is self-evident, isn’t it?)

In this fifth eBook of a series,we drill down to look at individual countries within each region. How homogenous are regions such as Latin America or Western Europe? How do Millennials differ in their opinions and aspirations country by country?

We also explore whether certain countries in different regions resemble one another—something called twins analysis. Are there similar attitudesand outlooks across certain countries, and what do these clusters tell us about how we hire and engage Millennials?