What Millennials want in a leadership role

What Millennials want in a leadership role

A list of needs that’ll make Millennials want to lead

We asked over 16,000 Millennials round the world what would attract them to pursue leadership and managerial roles. What we found is a very diverse set of needs that employers should take into account, especially if they are to attract and form the leaders of the future.
If we consider the entire group of Millennials, the top four most attractive aspects of a leadership position are:

  1. High future earnings (35%)
  2. Opportunities to influence the company/organization (31%)
  3. Working with strategic challenges (31%)
  4. Power to make decisions (26%)

What do you offer your potential leaders? Does it incite them to want to take on more responsibility? These are important questions in terms of finding who will lead and what will get them to lead.
Please look at the video to see the regional differences from North America to Asia Pacific and more.
This research on Millennials was done by Universum, INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute and The HEAD Foundation. For more insights on the topic of leadership, please refer to our free eBook You got us wrong — available for download here »