Internal Employer Branding Assessment

Why is an Internal Employer Branding Assessment Important?

Your employer brand begins with your employees. They are your most powerful brand ambassadors and are the lifeblood of any employer. While external research is critically important to recruitment and employer brand development, the importance of conducting research internally as well cannot be overemphasized.

What are the benefits of doing an Internal Employer Brand Assessment?

• An internal employer brand assessment lets you see the reality of the employee experience at your company.
• Students are looking for challenging work; do your employees feel like they have that on a daily basis? Your interns are not accepting full-time offers at the rate you expect; do you know the real reasons behind their declines?
• Universum provides a range of options, from internal surveys to focus groups, to one-on-one interviews that let you see your company through the eyes of the people who walk through your doors every day.

The solution provided by the Internal Employer Brand Assessment

Universum’s experience in the field of employer branding positions us as a trusted third party to allow you to dive into any topic and receive honest and illuminating responses. We take great care to create our surveys and discussion/interview guides to obtain the information you seek, and provide you with a full understanding of the issues at hand through the words of your own employees.
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Internal Employer Branding assessment