Why invest in Employer Branding?

Why invest in Employer Branding?

Why invest in Employer Branding?

To remain competitive, companies must attract and retain talent through a powerful combination of recruitment marketing, talent management and HR analytics. Without the right mix, even the most prestigious brands can struggle to attract high-value talent.


Widespread consensus about the definition of employer brand, yet key executives still not clear about its significance.

Definition of employer brand: People’s perceptions of your brand as an employer (distinct from your organization’s reputation as a business or product/service provider).

Most agree on the definition of what constitutes an employer brand. Recruitment managers and talent executives are most likely to agree with the statement – 90 percent of those from larger companies answered “yes” to the definition. Senior management tends to have the lowest rate of agreement, with just two-thirds agreeing with the statement. Given the importance of getting buy-in from senior leadership, this points to an important area of focus for talent professionals, who must find ways to educate and activate senior management in order to effect change within the organization.


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