Keep new hires motivated

Keep new hires motivated

Keep new hires motivatedKeep new hires motivated. Jeff Havens writes on Smartblog on Leadership that two out of ten employees resign or become disillusioned with their employer after only 45 days. The problem he points out is that it is a total waste of money in recruiting people who land up hating their jobs and maybe even the company (Havens 2013).
What’s more alarming is that these disenchanted employees could also become dissatisfied consumers. Being ironic, Havens highlights three ways in which employers can get new employees to fail from the start. From another perspective, however, they are three great recommendations to pre-empt your new hires from becoming bad hires.

Don’t give your new employees the menial and monotonous tasks that nobody wants

There is certainly an initiation period for new hires and part of the benefit of being well established in a company should be that you get to choose your tasks and assign the ones you dislike to the new recruits. Yet don’t overdo it! Show that you care and want to see your new hires grow, develop and prosper in their new environment by giving them challenging and exciting tasks and assignments.

Train them!

Too many employers feel that training costs both time and money. Moreover, employers are reluctant to invest in their employees because of the likelihood that they will eventually leave one day. Yet have companies considered that these new hires could potentially be boomerang hires sometime in the future – thus a company can capitalize on their investments.

Give them the time to learn the ropes and your business

Again, many employers just throw their new hires into the mission impossible, hoping that just because they failed, the new guy or girl will succeed brilliantly. Not! Coach and guide them, so that they have a greater chance to excel in their job. Give them tasks and assignments that they can actually deliver on and meet realistic targets.
Havens points to a study claiming that each new employee you hire actually costs twice as much as the salary you pay them. Whether it’s true or not, there is certainly no point in hiring someone new just to see them fail. It’s like planting a seed to never water it or care for it – nothing will grow or flourish and neither will your business.
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