Killing Your Employer Brand

How to Kill Your Employer Brand

– The Seven Deadly Sins of Employer Branding

Building a strong employer brand can be a challenging task, and many things can and do go wrong. Given Universum’s experience working with hundreds of different companies over many years in this field, we thought it would be useful to share the most common shortfalls and pitfalls we see.

In other words, the approaches we have observed are more likely to end up killing your employer brand than strengthening it. And for each of the seven deadly sins we describe, we also suggest an alternative more virtuous and effective route to employer branding success.

Though deadly serious about these fatal diagnoses and practical cures, we also hope they stimulate an occasional smile. Enjoy!

7 sins of Employer Branding

1. Don’t Get Your Brand Team Involved Too Early


2. Take Your Corporate Brand And Add A Recruitment Slogan


3. Tell Talent What They Want To Hear

4. Get Your Board To Sign Off On Your Creative Direction

5. Go Global, Stay Global

6. Don’t Waste Your Money On Measurement

7. Say No To Social