KPI Dashboard

Why is it important to have Key Performance Indicators?

To monitor and increase the effectiveness and the efficiency of employer branding activities, you want to better understand the current status and measure improvements. A KPI dashboard will allow you to do just that.

What are the benefits of having Key Performance Indicators?

• Establish a strategic approach to all Employer Branding activities to ensure consistency of messaging and activities – set the direction across borders.
• Ensure that activities are effective, by creating results and measuring the effect of activities in specific regions, at specific schools and on a global level.
• Make better informed budget decisions based on the performance measurement.
• Set goals for brand attractiveness based on your recruiting needs and your business / workforce plan, and assess yearly achievements.

The solution that Key Performance Indicators provide

Develop and structure an Employer Branding KPI dashboard that meets needs and objectives. Develop a comprehensive overview of key performance indicators to identify strengths and weaknesses in relevant areas.

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The diagram below shows an overview of the KPI dashboard and the key deliverables.

About the Key Performance Indicators dashboard

Establishing KPIs will set the path to success. Organizations will otherwise be misguided if they do not establish key measurements and monitor their efforts to ensure that they are achieving their goals.

KPI Dashboard: The importance of Key Performance Indicators