Which are the Employers That the LGBTQ Community Want to Work for?

Which are the Employers That the LGBTQ Community Want to Work for?

As part of Universum’s insights, we gathered that among 62 thousand undergraduates surveyed this year, 9% of the students are part of the LGBT Community. In order to celebrate Pride Month, we would like to share some very interesting findings of our research in regards to the preferences of the LGBT community in the workplace.
Given that June is known as Pride Month in the US, many companies are now trying to acknowledge this by flooding their social media channels with pride events, changing their logos to rainbow colors, as well as engaging their employees in all sorts of activities related to the subject. But is the message really getting across to the talent they want to attract? According to our 2018 Talent Survey, the companies featured as the Most Attractive Companies for LGBT undergrads are slightly different from the ones for the overall student population, especially for Business and Computer Science Students. For the TOP 10 companies for LGBT Talent that are not featured on the overall TOP 10, Universum saw: Netflix, NBC Universal, Tesla, Facebook and UN for in the Business students; and Spotify, Netflix, and Disney for the Computer Science talent.

One of these attributes that we ask all students is regarding which employers they associate the most with a commitment to diversity and inclusion. This year we found that the companies that are most highly associated with this attribute are: City, Peace Corps, United Nations, Teach for America, Doctors Without Borders, Google, Facebook, Starbucks, Walt Disney Company and National Geographic.
There are also several companies that have climbed significantly in the LGBT listing compared to the overall rankings. For business students: Environmental Protection Agency, Time Warner and CBS Interactive are highest gainers. For the engineering students, we see Unilever, Centers for Disease Control and Blizzard Entertainment. And finally, for the computer science students: Target, Centers for Disease Control and IKEA are the highest gainers. This can mean that students have been seeing commitment and effort from these companies with regards to being companies that are committed to inclusion and diversity.
But unfortunately, not everything is good news. While we see a lot of companies showcasing their support to the community, making sure the work environment is more inclusive and respectful for the LGBT community, some industries and companies are putting forward more efforts than others. It is often the case that one of the rainbow letters of the LGBTQ are often left out – or still has a long way to go, and that is the T that stands for Transgender. Some alarming insights that were published by a recent study by The National Transgender Discrimination Survey is that: Transgender Adults face double rate of unemployment than general US adults and Transgender Women of Color face 4x this rate, 25% of trans population earns less than USD 10,000 a year, and that 90% of Trans employees have faced discrimination or harassment on the job. That’s not all, another recent study showed that 48% of workplaces would consider hiring a less qualified person for a role instead of hiring a trans person.
Those numbers are shocking, but not a surprise – there are constant scandals with regards to discrimination, and companies are being swept up in lawsuits regarding this matter. “Examples of this can be Forever 21, who called a trans woman “disgusting” before firing her. Another case is of a trans woman had to dress and act “like a man” at Barnes and Noble in order to keep her job”, says Andre Siqueira Vice President of Americas for Universum Global in reference to some Headlines seen in the media during the past years. “It is great to see all the engagement and companies being involved at Pride events, but as a member of the community I still see that we have a long way to go for a fully inclusive and diverse workplace in the US – specially with the Trans community and other LGBT colleagues in many less inclusive industries and countries out there.”

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