Local Hero employers take on the World’s Most Attractive

Local Hero employers take on the World’s Most Attractive

‘Local hero’ employers often aren’t included in the official WMAE list but have outside influence in certain geographies.

Huawei, a Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications company, debuted on the WMAE list this year at number 57 among engineering and IT talent. The company presents an interesting case as it’s a powerhouse employer brand in China (ranking number one among engineering and IT students), yet still an up-and-comer on the global stage.

In the United States, coffee giant Starbucks and outdoor clothier Patagonia are attractive employers among students (landing 20 and 18 on the business list, respectively) yet don’t have nearly the same cachet in other markets. ‘Local heroes’ like Huawei and Starbucks can have outside influence on local labor markets, meaning companies must stay vigilant of these local leaders even if they don’t appear to be a threat in global rankings.

While these local hero employers below have not yet made their entrance as a World’s Most Attractive employer, they do have great influence in their local labor markets.

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