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If you’re creative and a brilliant communicator, one of our Marketing streams could be your fit.


What matters most to the next generation of workers–leadership opportunities, a friendly workplace, Corporate Social Responsibility? Our B2C marketing team (aka Data Collection) helps us find out. Through creative campaigns and partnerships with the world’s best universities, the DC team gives nearly one million students and young professionals a voice about what they want in their career.


Our B2B marketing team is focused on broadcasting Universum’s talent insights to the world. Whether it’s through our impressive media partnerships, whitepapers or social media posts, our B2B team is helping to shape the future of the high-growth Employer Branding industry.

The majority of our marketing teams are based in our Stockholm headquarters, but select opportunities exist in other markets. Keep your eye on our openings for an opportunity near you!


Broadcast Universum's value.


Establish and maintain sustainable partnerships.


Build Universum's global thought leadership.

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