Where Do Millennials Get Input on Career Decisions?

Where Do Millennials Get Input on Career Decisions?

Where Do Millennials Get Input on Career Decisions?

Are you lost in a sea of possibilities when you try to figure out how to reach millennials? This generation is expected to become the majority in the workforce by 2020, and as your older colleagues reach retirement age, shifting your recruitment and outreach tactics is an essential process to reach out to millennials. Some of the tactics effective with the older demographic don’t make much of an impression on this new generation of workers. Determining where millennials get input on career decisions can help you create an effective recruitment strategy.

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Parents Losing Influence

A significant change between millennials and older generations involves the amount of influence parents have when their children choose career paths. In Universum’s Millennial Survey – Influences/Relationships, only five percent of respondents agreed that their parents were very involved in the process. The current economy and working environment is vastly different from what baby boomers experienced. Going to college no longer guarantees a job, and many millennials are scrambling to make ends meet. Although parents might not have as much input into career paths, 28 percent of millennials strongly agree that family support is important in their pursuit of a career.

 Co-Workers and Colleagues Make a Difference

Universum also found that 65 percent of millennials care about co-worker, colleague and manager approval far more than approval from other people in their lives. Colleagues provide millennials with the recognition they desire and a path to decision-making opportunities. Because this generation prefers working in teams, they form stronger connections with their co-workers and are more likely to listen to input and career advice. A solid mentorship program may be one way to positively influence millennial career decisions.

Effectively Managing Multi-Channel Career Marketing

Employer branding is another way to reach millennials through marketing channels they frequent. Social network and media outreach is a major part of many companies’ recruitment and outreach efforts, but managing the marketing channels is often difficult. Pay attention to the media and network sites that your particular millennial demographic prefers. Native advertising and content marketing provide ways for your message to reach the recipients without being lost in the marketing noise.

To sum up, Millennials are different from the other generations in the workplace. They require different strategies to be attracted, recruited and engaged. There is no way out: you need to adjust your talent strategies if you wish to succeed in securing your next top talent.

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