The New Learning Hub for Employer Branding Professionals Worldwide

The New Learning Hub for Employer Branding Professionals Worldwide

The Employer Branding Academy was founded with the aim of teaching companies from around the globe the methods and techniques of becoming more attractive as employers by creating and executing their employer brands. Since its inception in 2014, more than 800 representatives from the world’s leading and most progressive employers have taken part in Employer Branding Academy courses. From building strategies from scratch, to implementing the coursework into their company’s ongoing employer branding processes, participants have used the knowledge gained from our courses to become stronger Employer Branding coaches.

“Employer branding is on the rise and we as a company see the need to invest more in the community” said Employer Branding Academy CEO, Claes Peyron. Peyron continued “The majority of employers realize they can no longer make assumptions regarding how they attract and retain talent and that is why they are reaching out to us for answers. Whether you are new to employer branding or you wish to sharpen your skill set, Employer Branding Academy should be the first point of call for those in the talent attraction industry”.
At the beginning of next year Employer Branding Academy will relaunch its Employer Branding courses. “One of the great things about the platform is our ability to update our courses with the latest employer branding trends and insights” said Employer Branding Academy Senior Advisor, Richard Mosley. Mosley added “The 2.0 version of the platform includes the updated curriculum designed to address the most relevant topics from this year and beyond”.

The updates incorporated into the courses includes the latest in HR tech, latest insights, trends, best practices and fresh case studies. Based on the feedback from existing participants and Alumni, 2018 will also see Employer Branding Academy launch shorter crash-courses on topics such as social media and KPI’s.

The updated platform offers a better training experience for the participants – it has now become easier for participants to ask questions and get feedback, as well as interact with instructors and fellow participants directly in the course. The structure helps them track their progress, at the same time that it helps us to support them,” said Eva Carlson, Client Success Manager at Employer Branding Academy.

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About Employer Branding Academy:
The Employer Branding Academy was founded in 2014. Our goal is to help HR and marketing professionals get to the grips with the fundamentals of brand management, and bring you up to speed with the latest trends and tools. We also want to create a unique network of people practicing in the same field that can share experience and best practices.

The Employer Branding Academy is created in partnership with Universum, the global leader in Employer Branding. Using knowledge from global thought leaders, coaches and professionals, our courses are a uniquely blended format that educates and certifies HR, Talent and Marketing Professionals. Our courses provides participants with the skills and expertise needed to attract and retain today’s top talent.