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Do you qualify as one of the Most Attractive Employers?

Nominate your company and take the first step to be considered as a listed employer on the world’s largest talent survey.

Do you think you have what it takes to be listed in Universum’s rankings?  

Universum’s rankings act as a global benchmark to gauge employer brand health and strength. By passing our assessment and qualifying to be added to our rankings, your company will be part of the world’s biggest talent survey and be one of the specified companies on the list of top employers in your market.  Each year we survey more than 1 million students and young professionals in over 60 markets. 

How to get the benefits of being part of Universum’s Most attractive rankings:

1. Nominate

Take the first step to be considered as a listed employer on the world’s largest talent survey by nominating your company. Your company nomination will be reviewed by our ranking council and if your company meets all qualification criteria you will be considered for our future rankings where students can vote for you. You will be evaluated based on criteria such as talent engagement, employer branding efforts, recruitment needs, etc. Read more about the ranking qualification process here.

2. Get approved

If your company is approved, you will appear on the exclusive list of companies that students in your market can choose from as their ideal future employer. 

3. Get your results

What does the future talent pool think about your brand? When a ranking is released you will receive your ranking position, allowing you to find out how well you did against your competitors. You will also receive a ranking activation package if you end up on the top 100 list of the most attractive employers in your market. The communication package includes badges, emblems and a media tactics plan. 

4. Activate your brand

Use the package received from us and add some stories about your company to take the full advantage of your partnership with Universum. This will help you build brand recognition, boost internal engagement, attract talent and secure a competitive advantage.  

5. Use the knowledge

from the rankings to set up a yearly plan and improve your employer branding efforts throughout the year. Our rankings are released annually allowing you to measure how well your activities have done year-on-year.  

Read more about the ranking qualification process here.