Nordic Rankings 2016: Finland

Nordic Rankings 2016: Finland

From answers given by Finnish talent in this year’s Nordic Ideal Employer rankings it would appear that students in Finland are bracing themselves for a turbulent start to their careers.


  • FMCG and retail lose their attractiveness
  • The construction industry as well as engineering consultancies gain popularity
  • Heated political discussions  have affected business trends
  • Continued economic turmoil is making Finnish talent less optimistic than their peers in other Nordic countries

STOCKHOLM, May 19th, 2016 – Today Universum launches the findings from the Nordic portion of its annual Global Talent Survey. Compiled from the Universum Student Surveys in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. Set out to track career aspirations and preferences of the future talent pool, the Nordics Ideal Employer rankings 2016, reflects the opinions of more than 38.000 students from all four Nordic countries to recognize the most coveted employers based solely on the responses collected.

Preferences, Career Goals & Most Attractive Industries for Finnish Talent

As the economic crisis in Finland continues, we see that stability and job security has increased in importance for the Finnish students, while business students are traditionally seen to be attracted by the prospect of high future earnings this is not the case in Finland. Although all other business students from the other Nordic countries, ranked high future earnings as their first or second preference when choosing an employer, Finnish talent see this as less important, as they hold higher regard for variety of assignments, leadership opportunities and good references for future career. This trend could be due to the ongoing economic problems currently faced by Finland, however whether the attitude shown Finnish talent is a direct reflection of them coming to terms with the growing likelihood of low future earnings as result of an unstable economy, remains unclear.

With regard to career goals a work/life balance is the top career goal in all markets apart from Norway where being secure/stable in my job is valued higher. Similarly, all markets apart from Finland ranked being competitively or intellectually challenged as their third top career goal. Other similarities in terms of career goals can be seen in Danish and Finnish students both choosing being dedicated to a cause/serving a greater good as their second most important career goal.

Amongst engineering talent in Finland we can see a similar shift away from high future earnings where a friendly work environment was the top preference. This was also the case for all other Nordic countries apart from Sweden. Similarly a friendly work environment was the top preference for IT talent from Finland and Norway. 

Possible cuts on governmental spending have caused demonstrations and intense public debate, and at the same time most Public Sector employers have become less popular among all students regardless of main field of studies.

The struggles of FMCG and retail have continued and as a result these industries lost their attractiveness this year. Media companies face an ongoing crisis that is reflected in their decreased popularity, however the construction industry as well as engineering consultancies have gained in popularity. At the same time the energy sector has shown significant loses in attractiveness, as well as many Finnish publicly listed engineering companies.