Nordic Rankings 2016: Sweden

Nordic Rankings 2016: Sweden

Swedish talent take a friendly work environment for granted and seek careers with high future earning and inspiring purpose

  • Inspiring purpose vs. a friendly work environment
  • Automotive industry becomes more attractive
  • Municipalities have become less popular but the Swedish Gaming industry has developed strongly

STOCKHOLM, May 19th, 2016 – Today Universum launches the findings from the Nordic portion of its annual Global Talent Survey. Compiled from the Universum Student Surveys in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. Set out to track career aspirations and preferences of the future talent pool, the Nordics Ideal Employer rankings 2016, reflects the opinions of more than 38.000 students from all four Nordic countries to recognize the most coveted employers based solely on the responses collected.

Preferences, Career Goals & Most Attractive Industries for Swedish Talent

Overall, Swedish students consider Inspiring purpose to be important when choosing their future employers. When focusing solely on the reputation and image of the employer, students would go as far as saying that inspiring purpose is the most important attribute. This is especially evident among students of Legal and Social Sciences/Humanities. As high school students display the same attitudes, it is to be expected that inspiring purpose will remain an important aspect of employer choice in the near future.

For Swedish business students where the favored industries are banks, management consulting and auditing & accounting, their top preferences in order include high future earnings, good references for future career and leaders who will support my development. Only business talent from Sweden and Denmark regard high future earnings as their top priority when choosing an employer.

When looking at engineers, Swedish talent stood out again from other countries in the Nordics, where a friendly work environment was the top preference for all countries apart from Sweden. This attribute even failed to rank in the top ten for Swedish talent, where a good reference for a future career was seen as the top priority. This trend among Swedish talent will come as a surprise to many, and could be due to the fact that Swedish talent take a friendly work environment for granted, as they would expect any work environment in their country to be nothing but friendly.

The Swedish automotive industry as well as the aerospace & defense industry are rising in popularity for both Engineering and Business students, mirroring the strong development that the industry experienced 2015. The popularity of Swedish Gaming companies has also increased among IT, engineering and business students, attracting students from a variety of educational backgrounds.

The economic situation in Sweden has improved during the past year, and due to this reason both business and engineering students have become less interested in working for municipalities, which effectively return to their attractiveness levels of 2014.