2020 Outlook series – The Future of Employer Branding

2020 Outlook series – The Future of Employer Branding

A c-level and executive view of how organizations tackle talent attraction

Universum surveyed more than 2000 senior executives, including CEOs, heads of HR and recruiting, employer branding and marketing, among others. Our goal was to understand current attitudes for different functional areas and industries, as well as how leaders envisioned change over the next five years.

We detail complex topics such as:

Who is accountable for employer branding?

Are Employer Value Propositions working as they should?

And how will employer branding budgets change in the coming years?


This four-part eBook series includes:

State of Employer Branding  

How long have executives argued over the need to make talent attraction a corporate strategy rather than an HR strategy?

The Employer Brand Misalignment

       What stands in the way of best-in-class talent attraction?

Talent Inside Out

How personas influence hiring

Using Social Media for Talent Attraction

Are brands doing more than basics with social media?


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