Attracting High Achievers: Are They Really That Different?

Attracting High Achievers: Are They Really That Different?

In the first of six reports that make up this year’s Future Talent Insight Series, we analyze the career ambitions and expectations of students and recent graduates from the world’s top 200 universities. The Attracting High Achievers eBook examines how graduating students from these top schools feel about their career choices and ideal employers, and determine whether these high achievers are really all that different from average students.

Future Talent Insight Series
A definitive guide on what talent want from your industry

Universum’s 2016 Future Talent Insights Series investigates the attitudes and behaviors of Millennials finishing their university studies. Questions answered in these reports include:

  • What career goals do recent graduates prioritize?
  • What specific qualities matter most about an employer’s reputation?
  • What type of work environment and culture do recent graduates seek out?
  • Which channels do students value most when researching future employers and jobs?
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