Employer Branding NOW 2016

Employer Branding NOW 2016

A definitive guide to the state of global Employer Brand Management

Companies are investing more in employer branding efforts and making big strides to leverage data analytics in HR, yet important gaps remain. Universum’s Employer Branding Now 2016 report, aims to uncover where talent executives must focus in the year ahead, point to best practices in employer branding and set benchmarks for the industry.

The findings inside are based on the opinions surveyed from over 2500+ Employer Branding professionals from various organizations, including 100 of the Fortune 500 companies. We have collected the points of view of CEOs, heads of HR and recruiting, among others professionals from around the world to understand the most pressing issues affecting the current state of global talent management and employer branding.

Our latest full research report will help you shape your approach to employer branding, and provide you with actionable recommendations to attract and retain top talent.