Generation Z

Generation Z

The race for Generation Z starts now

While dozens of research initiatives explore Generation Z’s values as consumers, few explore its attitudes about work. For a long time, focus have been on managing millennial’s, however, few have emphasized the generation after millennial’s. A new research study from Universum asks close to 50,000 high school graduates, all belonging to the Generation Z, about their future careers, the necessity of higher education, and their attitudes to work and life. As the war for talent continuous, managing millennial’s is yesterdays’ news, understanding generation z becomes crucial. This reports highlights insights hiring companies can use to attract and retain the next generation of digital natives.

A look at Generation Z and the next wave of digital natives

Generation Z is usually described as people born in the mid 90’s and forward. Thus, some people within the next generation of workforce have already entered their professional career. Over the coming years, the first big wave of Generation Z will enter the workforce; a generation that is different from millennial’s, as they are the first generation that have grown up as digital natives. The effect that comes into force put pressure on organizations to not only managing millennial’s, but also managing generation Z, a generation full of digital natives. That’s why developing strategies for recruiting and retaining Generation Z must start now. By buying our report on the next generation workforce, you will access full insights on generation Z and future-proof your employer brand.
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