How to Manage the Next Generation of Leaders

How to Manage the Next Generation of Leaders

Focus on employing, training and retaining Millennials. Gain insights on Millennials' requirements of future employers.

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  • A three-part toolkit
  • Includes guides, workbook and timeline


  • How to write a Millennial job description.
  • Each section addresses a particular problem with templates and shortcuts to get you started.
  • A guide + candidate workbook


  • Your onboarding timeline for Millennial staff.
  • This onboarding timeline aims to provide practical advice to HR professionals about how to understand, onboard and support younger workers. It relies on a massive study by Universum of more than 16,000 respondents across 43 countries.


  • ¬†How to train and retain the next generation of leaders.
  • In this guide we offer a definitive set of findings with clear action points, providing you with the tools to hit the ground running and level the playing field when it comes to training and talent retention.

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