Millennial's in the workplace: A six part series

Millennial's in the workplace: A six part series


Millennial’s in the workplace

Have you ever wondered what it is like managing millennial’s in the workplace and ever wondered if all those myths are true? We have all heard about the millennial’s challenge, how different the millennial generation values are and that millennial’s in the workplace are different. However, is it true that managing millenial’s is that difficult?  In order to find out, Universum joined forces with INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute and the HEAD Foundation to investigate and question what has become conventional wisdom about managing Millennial’s.  By conventional wisdom we mean the statements (even stereotypes) we’ve all read about, such as managing Millennial’s’ in the workforce, their pursuit of work-life balance over money or their expectation of rising rapidly in their chosen careers.  Are these and other stereotypes really true?

Managing Millennials

Universum hereby presents The Millennial Series, which is a six-part series with articles about millennial’s. This six-part series covers various areas regarding Millennials’ perspective on work in order for HR professionals and corporations to fully grasp the millennial generation characteristics. If you have ever wondered about millennials at work, this is your opportunity!
By buying the six part series below for only 29:99 € you will learn:

  • Part 1: “Understanding A Misunderstood Generation” is the first large-scale study of how millennials’ attitude and actions vary across the globe, what the millennial generation characteristics looks like and the implications it has for employers. 
  • Part 2: “Our Greatest Fears” examines Millennial’s traits and their concerns about career, retirement, and quality of life – and the steps one should take to address them. By truly understanding how millennial’s think, you will access how it is managing millennials and what they want to pursue.
  • Part 3: “Support Me But Don’t Tell Me What To Do” examines who and what influences Millennials’ career choices. The answers are not as clear-cut as one might think, as the millennial traits are different, managing millennial’s is different than Generation X. Working with millennial’s require a new way of leadership. Coaching millennials is a crucial part in managing millenniel’s at work.
  • Part 4: “You Got Us Wrong” looks at Millennial’s proving that they are diverse in their career aspirations and desire for work-life balance. Working with millennial’s thus require that you are flexible in your approach.
  • Part 5: “We Are More Different Than You Think” takes a look at the diversity of managing Millennial’s, their ideas and attitudes within regions and the implications for employers.
  • Part 6: “Our Evolution… How Experience Changes Millennials” focuses on how age and gender influence the attitude of Millennial’s at work and how you can take advantage in your pursuit of managing millennial’s.

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