State of (un)readiness

State of (un)readiness

Your Employees Expect Things You’re Likely Unprepared to Deliver

“State of (un)readiness” focuses on generation X, Y and Z beliefs on how the workplace should function and the technologies poised to transform it.

Are the expectations of how technology should shape the future of the workplace similar across generations? How can the workplace be designed to integrate differing expectations for optimal recruitment, retention, development and performance across levels and geographies?

As the nature of work and the workplace evolves, both leaders and employees need to be engaged in bringing about a transformation that is productive, healthy and inclusive. New research from Universum, INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute, The HEAD Foundation and MIT Leadership Center sets out to investigate these ideas from a bottom-up survey of students and professionals – not from the employer’s perspective.

What do your employees think about the future of work? What innovations do they expect their employers to adopt? What will the rising student cohorts of Gen Y and Gen Z look for in a future employer? And how do these ideas differ based on country or gender?