Women in STEM: Myths and Misconceptions

Women in STEM: Myths and Misconceptions


How to attract female talent in STEM

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, subjects filled with myths and misconceptions and especially when it comes to women pursuing a career after a STEM education. Very often managing millennials is in the spotlight, or the problem of labeling“women’s issues” as if they were a homogeneous set of ideas that is independent of business area. However, Universum research shows that women who study STEM subjects often have ideas and attitudes that are very different from women who want to work in business. Women who pursue a STEM education often have more in common with men who pursue careers in STEM than women who want to work in business fields. What’s more interesting, attitudes vary country by country and region by region, sometimes to such a large extent that a single “average” doesn’t tell the accurate story. In this report we’ll break down on these myths and misconceptions about women in STEM and point to areas where this is particularly true.

What the study contains

Each year, Universum surveys the professional expectations of more than 1,000,000 career-seekers from 55+ countries, and publishes dozens of reports on  top issues affecting global talent and the companies that hire talent. As the war for talent is growing, employer branding becomes crucial in order to attract, recruit and retain employees to your organization. In this report we uncover what female university students look for from future employers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics – and how companies can translate these findings into actionable steps for HR, recruiting and C-level leadership.
For STEM based industry employers aiming to improve their knowledge on the challenges and opportunities of recruiting more women to their workforce. With Universum’s data-driven approach, we help companies redefine their Employer Brand and give our advice on how to:

  • Define your talent strategy
  • Segment and position your employer branding
  • Plan what internal changes are needed to create a more attractive work environment for female STEM talent interested in joining the industry
  • Help executives understand how to customize messages by market

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