Main Rankings

  • Survey specifics
  • participants: 10,283 professionals

  • universities: 40

  • employer evaluations: 22, 716

  • field period: March – Aug 2015

Do you want to know what employees look for in their employer? Do you want to find out what the key messages your company should be communicating to your target group are? Universum Professionals Survey has extracted information on over 10 000 Finnish professionals’ career expectations and has analyzed the current trends.

This year, the Universum Professional Survey reveals how professionals perceive Finnish employers. The Professional Survey ranking reveals how attractive an employer is for professionals. The ranking indicates the company’s position in relation to its recruitment competitors. For employers, this research does function both as a basis for decision-making as well as a control instrument for measuring employer appeal over specific target groups. The Professional Survey findings guide the employer when choosing specific target groups, messages and channels for future employer branding campaigns. The Professional Survey also enables employers to track and set targets for measuring their brand performance.

Take a look at the Professional Survey findings to develop your communication strategy towards talent, and gain a sneak peek preview on what Talent wants from employers in Finland. This enables your company to learn the building blocks to developing a strong employer brand.

Download press release – Finnish version

Download press release – English version