Bold Employer Branding for Financial Services: Attracting Tech Talent

How Royal Bank of Canada’s employer brand messaging strategy, paired with Universum’s unique insights on the talent market, delivered measurable results which set RBC apart from its industry competitors.

Universum and Royal Bank of Canada released a comprehensive case study detailing how RBC overcame one of the biggest obstacles faced by many of today’s employers, how to attract and retain Tech talent.  Our latest best practice case study lifts the lid on how Universum works with its clients and uncovers how Estela Vazquez Perez, head of Royal Bank of Canada’s Global Employer Brand, helped her organization achieve its goal of attracting top Engineering and IT talent.

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Estela’s employer branding philosophy – based on a human-centric approach, robust market intelligence and the right employer brand management– provided a solid framework by which to tackle the problem.

“Despite being the second largest tech employer in Canada, we knew we needed to do a better job to attract top engineering and IT talent”.

Estela Vazquez Perez, Director of Global Employer Brand Management at RBC

RBC’s ranking as top employer among tech talent in Canada jumped 25 ranking positions in 2017, setting it apart from all other banks in the country. Its employer brand approach has had a resounding effect, positioning RBC firmly on the talent marketplace. The consistent and captivating EVP was rolled out through RBC’s new careers website, employer of choice awards, editorial content, thought leadership, social media, and other talent marketing and communications channels.

Describing RBC’s impressive and rapid rise in the rankings, Universum’s Managing Director of Canada, Jason Kipps, said:

“Moving beyond just building awareness, the team at RBC has embraced a data driven approach to their employer brand and it is paying off. Leveraging candidate research to differentiate themselves from their recruiting competitors was a critical step for RBC in improving their candidate attraction. By focusing their EVP on the attributes that will compel their targeted talent to apply and working to correct misconception about what it is like to work at RBC, the bank now enjoys a level of attractiveness that was historically only experienced by start-ups and tech firms and is unheard of within Canadian financial institutions.”

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