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Smart Recruitment Marketing

Do you need to gain a competitive edge over of your competition?
Are you struggling with your current recruitment marketing?
Are you looking for a specific kind of talent pool or do need to hire a bigger pool of candidates?  

Start securing talented applicants via recruitment marketing and enhance your Employer Brand! 

Attracting, recruiting, and retaining the right talent is more challenging than it has ever been. To name a few: more competition from other recruiters, an increase in the cost to advertise, and a labor market that is more transparent. The list of challenges facing a recruiter is longer and more difficult than we have seen in previous years.

ensure your cost-per-hire is down, and your candidate quality is up

Begin working with Smart Recruitment Marketing today!

Universum has developed the Smart Recruitment Marketing for you to reach, and attract the right talent in a streamlined, more efficient manner than traditional recruitment. By using the Smart Recruitment Service, you will get access to the world’s largest talent database.

When combining this talent database with the social media experts at Universum who work with leading employers in the world, companies can ensure they attract, recruit, and retain top tier talent. And, stay in front of the challenges presented in the world of recruiting.

Smart Recruitment Marketing allows you to lower the cost of recruiting, be more precise in your targeting, and reach the talent you want with the messages that are sure to attract them.

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Our Recipe for Smart Recruitment Marketing in 5 steps   

Smart Recruitment Marketing
Success Stories

Targeting Tech and Digital Talent

One of the biggest challenges companies are facing globally is how to target tech and digital candidates who are in their final year of university, recently graduated, or currently taking their PhD. 

Universum was able to mitigate this and help a Global Engineering company, located in France, reach the right talent. This was done by using our proprietary data to create specific talent groups on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, and display the campaign to the correct talent groupings the company was seeking.  

In total, the student campaign was displayed 8.4 million times, reaching 3.4 million unique potential new talent in 26 countries, and gathered 117,800 link clicks.  

From Concept to Success

The Quest by Unilever 2022 

“Unilever Calling” was a unique campaign idea created by Universum. The campaign showcased ambassadors scheduling calls, and following up on potential new recruits for the 2022 intake of the Unilever Future Leaders League in MENA.  

Universum created a series of scripts and provided them to Unilever for their video content. These videos were then packaged into short snippets, and posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat successively over the course of 8 weeks. 

In total, the campaign gathered 205,000 link clicks, was displayed 3.4 million times in 13 countries, and overall resulted in 11,757 applications to Unilever. 

Engaging Tech Talent for Insurance Start-up

A tech-start up that formed part of a larger insurance company desired to reach the boldest and brightest talent within the fields of IT and Tech.  

By using Universum’s data to create distinct target audiences, and performing lookalike targeting, campaigns were run on passive recruitment channels (Facebook and Instagram) and on the active recruitment channel of LinkedIn. 

Using a three-phased approach, we utilized both text-in video and static visuals. The campaign was shown more than 3.5 million times in 7 countries, reaching a tech talent pool of 1.6 million, and ultimately gathering 20,000 clicks. The text-in-videos were watched 182,000 times.  

Winning Recruitment Marketing Awards

When thinking of marketing in the banking industry, it is considered to be very conservative due to heavy restrictions and compliance processes. 

Together with UBS, Universum brought bold new concepts to life through the use of creative videos, and broadcasted them via trending channels like TikTok and Snapchat.  

These Smart Recruitment Marketing campaigns won several Rally Awards in 2021 and 2022 under the categories of “Best Use of Paid Social Media in Recruitment Marketing”, “Best Use of Video in Recruitment Marketing”, and “Best Recruitment Marketing Campaign” 

Gender Specific Recruitment Strategies

Creating engaging social media campaigns requires compelling, insight-driven, and eye-catching content to stop thumbs scrolling mid-feed. Univerum’s team of strategists, copywriters, designers, and video editors are available to create the visuals and messaging that not only hit home with your target audience, but drive engagement that is in line with your desired objectives. 

L’Oreal, with the goal of becoming a more attractive employer of choice among male business talent in the Nordic Region, appointed Universum for help. 

By utilizing relevant student data, text-in-video campaigns were created that significantly resonated with L’Oreal’s target group in the Nordic Region.  

Capturing Critical Talent for a Hospital

How do you engage and attract a very niche talent group? 

At Universum, we use our proprietary data to create specific audiences, and match them with distinct profiles on social media. This enables lookalike targeting of those who closely match the specific audience. By doing this, ‘digital twins’ are created, and non-relevance targeting is significantly reduced. 

The campaigns were shown over 250,000 times in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, generating thousands of clicks, and surpassing the global CTR benchmark for Jobs & Education by a factor of 11.3.