Communication Optimization

Why is this Communication Optimization important?

• Optimize your budget now! Student communication is expensive, and with increasing competition for great talent, you need to maximize the effectiveness of your spending.
• At the same time, the media behavior among students is changing, leading to a wider variety of channels to choose from.
• The need to choose the right mix of channels and the right content for each channel is crucial for your success.

What are the benefits of Communication Optimization?

This workshop enables you to get the most out of your communication budget by letting you understand:
• Which channels are the most used by students, and what role each channel has throughout the recruitment process.
• The most effective way to use each channel.
• Evaluation of your communication approach.

The Communication Optimization’s solution

The Communication Channel Optimization workshop helps you chose the right mix of channels and the right tools and content for each.
It covers the following areas:
Communication channel – purpose and effectiveness: what channels are used by students, and how they are influenced by the different channels?
Your use of communication channels: feedback on what channels students have used to find out about you, and how that matches your challenge in the recruitment funnel
Best practice examples: top employers by channel, with comments on “why?”
Methods of communication: “how?” and “what?” to communicate in different types of channels
Rating of communication suppliers
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Communication Optimization