Gap Analysis

Why is the GAP Analysis important?

  • Understand, compare and gain insights on how attractive your organisation is among certain groups of students
  • Find out where in the recruitment process your organisation is losing potential candidates
  • Learn more about what your target groups want in an employer
  • Benchmark your employer image against your competition

What are the benefits of the GAP Analysis?

  • Evaluate your level of attraction in relation to your recruitment goals. Decide on your targets for the following year by measuring how attractive you are to your target group and benchmark against your competitors.
  • Focus your recruitment targets and employer branding activities based on the challenges identified at various stages of your recruitment funnel. Leverage the insights and knowledge gained regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors in the recruitment funnel.
  • Consider student preferences in terms of career goals, preferred industries, salary expectations and what attracts them to an employer. Compare your current employer brand and employer value proposition to the survey results. Identify the aspects that you focus on which are also attractive to students.
  • Identify key attributes of employer attractiveness based on the associations between student preferences and perception of what you offer as an employer. Analyze your competitive advantages and disadvantages. Ensure that your organisation realistically offers these attributes and plan how you will communicate them to your target group. If you do not offer these attributes but decide that implementing them as part of your employer value proposition will give you the competitive edge, set goals and plan your activities accordingly.

The solution delivered by the Gap Analysis

The Image Gap Analysis workshop is a diagnostic tool to help employers understand and evaluate differences between two groups and how they perceive your organisation’s employer brand.  The insights gained allow employers to direct their branding efforts to critical target groups both efficiently and effectively.
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GAP Analysis