Ideal Employer Brand Workshop

Why is the Ideal Employer Brand Workshop important?

  • Find out how your organisation is perceived in the talent market
  • Find out how your competitors are perceived
  • Learn more about what talent looks for in an employer and in a career

What are the benefits of the Ideal Employer Brand Workshop?

  • Find out which companies have the upper-hand on the war for talent and against which you are competing for talent
  • Discover the true mindset and career aspirations of your talent group
  • Monitor brand strengths, competitors and evaluate your own initiatives
  • Be ahead of traditional recruitment competitors and be aware of new competitor threats

The Ideal Employer Brand Workshop’s solution

The Ideal Employer Brand Workshop reveals what employers own the hearts of your selected target group and hence are better prepared to face future challenges. The workshop analyses what are the career goals of a talent group and quantifies what are their salary expectations. The report furthermore delves deep into identifying how your target group perceives your employer brand in relation to five competitors of your choice.
For more detailed information on the Ideal Employer Brand Workshop, please see the video below.
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What we cover in the Ideal Employer Branding Workshop