Results of why your top peformers leave

Results of why your top peformers leave

Some interesting results of this week’s poll: Why top performers leave?

Double Yellow Lines on Road

1. Career comes first above all else

Top performers like to be challenged, learn new things and develop. One thing to take away with us, keep your top talent by giving them new challenges!

2. “Money, money, money

…Always sunny
In the rich man’s world…”
Like the Abba song, everybody would like more money. Top performers, if headhunted, will most likely leave you for a higher paycheck somewhere else – who wouldn’t? Recommendation: keep your culture appealing and give your top performers the challenges they like.

3. Shocker: mismatch of expectations!

That’s likely to occur if you over promise on your employer brand and do not deliver. Simple advice: don’t do it!

4. Not everyone is meant to get along

No harm done if your top performer doesn’t like you. If your values are important to you, alas, you’ll have to let that person go.

5. “Should I stay or should I go?”

16% say their top performers stay – good for them!


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why top perfomers leave

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