How to satisfy your employees’ needs to develop professionally

How to satisfy your employees’ needs to develop professionally

Employers don’t need large sign-on bonuses to attract quality job applicants. Candidates for job types all over the world are hungry for continued learning after they graduate, and they want to find employers that will help them with this goal. There are many different educational incentives employers can use to entice their new hires that do not include an increase in their base pay.

business people group working in customer and helpdesk officeWhat Students Aren’t Looking For

Our studies have found that students are not looking for benefit packages that include tuition reimbursement. While this was once popular, it has become less popular, possibly because employees have diminished expectations that employers will pay tuition.

What Students Are Looking For

If students aren’t looking for tuition help from their employers, what are they looking for? We’ve found that, by far, students want education perks that involve training, mentoring, and professional development. Students in France and the United Kingdom, as well as in other markets, would also like opportunities for international travel or temporary relocation.

How to Get Started

Companies should identify potential opportunities that they can offer. For example:

  • Would it be possible to set up a rotation program to allow new hires to travel to other satellite offices?
  • What skills does your company need, and which ones would make good options for classes?
  • What new skills would your company benefit from? What kind of classes would foster these skills in your employees?
  • Are there conventions or conferences in your market that could offer valuable classes for employees?
  • Could employees with tenure set up workshops for new hires?

There is no need to offer incentives that won’t directly benefit your company. As you reflect on incentives, consider your firm’s talent needs and use these incentives to fill areas where extra skills are needed to better serve your company. Potential employees understand that further education will lead to advancement, so make sure that you get them the necessary education for these new roles.
With a little thoughtfulness and some planning, your company will be better prepared to recruit and hire quality employees by providing them with incentives that they want.
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