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Transatlantic Day 2023

By Lovisa Karsten on 09/02/2023

Hosted by Swedish American Chambers of Commerce

Panel discussion

On February 7, Claes Peyron (Managing Director Nordics UK&I) spoke at the Transatlantic Day 2023 hosted by the Swedish American Chambers of Commerce. Claes was a part of a panel together with Christoph Friedrich (Country General Manager Sweden at Coca-Cola) and moderated by Beata Wickbom. The theme for the panel discussion was: 

Shaping and implementing a global brand for local presence and success; a broad outlook on brand navigation.

The Transatlantic Day highlights the robust business ties and 400 years of friendship between Sweden and the United States; a vibrant relationship which continues to create opportunities between and in each of the two countries. During the day we explore and showcase success stories stemming from ideas, research, and innovative solutions generated at the intersections of public service, academia, and business.

The Transatlantic Day 2023 is arranged by SACC-USA in collaboration with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the US Embassy, AmCham and Vinnova for a business, academia and government audience.

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During the panel discussion Beata, Christoph and Claes talked about the fact that for the first time in history we see a downturn of the economy at the same time as the majority of companies globally are experiencing a shortage of talent and are looking to hire. Claes mentioned how this is an unusual as well as a complex situation where being an attractive employer is crucial. 

Beata also asked Claes about the differences in talent expectations today compared to 10 years ago. As a response, Claes highlighted the fact that talent are becoming more and more spoiled. They are much aware of the fact that it is the talent’s market and that they have the possibility to choose. Therefore, many things that employers are offering have become hygiene factors and the final choice is based on the answer to the question “Does this company reflect my beliefs and match my values?” Having a strong brand is not enough anymore, you have to think about attributes like salary, sustainability, diversity and inclusion. Another thing that Claes talked about was the fact that talent today are looking for security, as a result of the economic downturn, the crazy inflation and the ongoing war in Europé. When the environment is uncertain the talent want security in the workplace. 

Not to mention the security to be yourself. Claes argued that the job security, as stated above, is one thing. However, the security or “psychological safety” to speak your mind and be yourself is another thing that is also crucial right now. On that note, Claes described how talent today are looking for leadership that will support their development. Having that safe space where employees dare to speak their mind and are supported doing so. 

Moreover, the panel discussed how global brands are attracting talents. Christoph mentioned Coca Cola’s kind culture Moreover, the panel discussed how global brands are attracting talent. Christoph mentioned Coca Cola’s kind culture and the fact that they are striving for genuine smiles. Claes added how important it is with clarity and that brands have to be super clear about who they are. 

“Dig into who you are and explain that in a compelling way.”

Claes Peyron

Beata asked about eventual pitfalls for global brands. Among other things, Christoph mentioned the facts that 10 years ago Greenwashing, culture appropriation and so on was not close to as important it is today. Claes also mentioned the fact that honesty is crucial among global brands in todays society. You have show many more proof points on your carrier page for example as well as having the mindset “we know we are a part of the problem but we are trying to oppress it”.

Furthermore, they also discussed how to be clear as an employer. Claes highlighted the fact that companies should think through the touchpoints to make the employee journey a consistent delivery of the employer value proposition. For example including pre-boarding, onboarding, continues check up as well as a leaving meeting. Christoph agreed as well as added that it is important that what you communicate externally is based on the internal reality. 

To wrap up the panel discussion, Beata asked Claes for three tips to strengthen your employer brand as well as things brands have to improve going forward. 

Claes three tips:

  1. Define what you want to talk about (create an Employer Value Proposition or EVP)
  2. Ask internal ambassadors to create authentic content (for example videos)
  3. Communicate that content externally, let people know who you are.

“Going forward I want to see brands improve their clarity.”

Claes Peyron

Panel speakers:

Claes Peyron


Managing Director Nordics UK&I

Christoph Friedrich

Coca Cola Company

Country General Manager Sweden

Beata Wickbom

Moderator of the Year & Senior Advisor