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Nailing your Employer Brand communication in 2022!

Thursday 20th January


This webinar was hosted by Daniel Wägerth -Business Development Manager, Nordics at Universum together with Mika Sallinen – Country Manager, Finland at Universum. During these 45 minutes they focused on concrete tips to help you develop a strong Employer Brand communication strategy.

Some things they addressed:

  • Market overview & latest trends 
  • When during the year is competition for Employer Branding content high/low?
  • How to stand out in 2022?
  • Why you need to create a winning Employer Brand communication Strategy
  • How to measure success

There was a remarkably high engagement on this topic, and we received loads of interesting questions from the audience. Unfortunately, we did not have time to answer them all during the live sessions, but we decided to publish them all in a blog post.

We love getting questions during our webinars. When you have a question to ask – you are probably not the only one who is wondering about it and the answer will be useful to everyone.

Mika Sallinen


Country Manager, Finland at Universum

Daniel Wägerth


Head of business development Nordics på Universum