Should You Be Using EGC to Recruit?

Should You Be Using EGC to Recruit?

Employee generated content, or EGC, is increasing in popularity. It brings employee experiences to life in an authentic, relatable way that resonates well with potential hires. Whether it’s a repost of employees’ selfies from a team building event, a photo of the honorary office dog someone always brings in, or an announcement of a personal achievement, this kind of content is genuine and appealing to young talent. 

Leveraging Authentic Content

To understand EGC, you must first understand UGC, or user generated content. UGC is used by many brands to connect with audiences on a more personal level and nurture customer relationships through engagement. When you see a restaurant repost a customer’s meal photo on Instagram, or a hotel repost a guest’s lobby selfie, you are witnessing UGC strategy in action. Such content acts as real testimonials of a company’s product or service, as well as actively engages consumers and encourages them to continue to create their own posts about the brand. Prospective customers become more enticed by a brand implementing UGC because they see other real people and their real experiences with the brand, rather than just the vetted, sales-y messages of traditional marketing.

EGC is fundamentally the same as UGC. EGC strategy describes the concept of a company leveraging the power of content created by its real employees about their real everyday work experiences. These companies inspire and empower their employees to take photos of and share their daily work life and notable activities. It transforms employees’ real moments into marketing material for a company’s employer image. This employee advocacy approach penetrates target talent audiences with more strength than traditional recruitment advertising because of its authenticity.

EGC allows potential new-hires, as well as customers and the public, to gain a more authentic glimpse into the culture of an employer. Audiences find such messaging more believable than anything a company itself could tell them.

This strategy is not just for recruitment, but also for retainment: Employers engage with their current employees, showing they value their voices and individuality. It boosts workplace happiness because employees feel recognized, appreciated, and connected—and get to have fun producing their own content!

Through advisory, Universum helps companies determine how to uniquely and effectively use EGC

Organizations in stereotyped industries or with outdated public images often benefit immensely from properly executed EGC. It allows the public to see what working at the company would actually be like, inspiring previously uninterested talent to seek more information, apply for positions, and ultimately accept offers. Even companies that already have strong employer branding can boost their success further through EGC.

There are endless methods for constructing an EGC system. Some companies may encourage their employees to post on their own social media and use a specific hashtag, while others may require internal photos to be sent directly to HR first for screening and approval. If and how your organization moves forward with implementing a plan for EGC requires thorough research and dialogue.

Universum’s exclusive analytics, advisory, and activation provides clients with specially tailored, targeted tactics.

Through conducting focus groups, surveys, and more, Universum’s data-driven approach allows companies to make educated decisions about EGC and how it would look in an activation campaign for their unique employer value proposition. We’re able to analyze what disparities exist between a workplace’s culture and the public perception of what working there would be like. Once identified, Universum works with the client to transform external perception to become aligned with internal reality. ECG is one of the most effective tools there is for resolving such circumstances.


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