Siemens and Google are Europe’s Most Attractive Employers

Siemens and Google are Europe’s Most Attractive Employers

Stockholm, 2013-12-05 – Based on the preferences of over 100,000 career seekers with business or engineering backgrounds, Universum has released the talent attraction index: “Europe’s Most Attractive Employers 2013”. The rankings are compiled from Universum’s student surveys in 10 European economies: Germany, France, UK, Russia, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland and Austria.

Big brands attract Europe’s top talent

Google takes the first spot on the 2013 business ranking, followed by EY (formerly Ernst & Young) and L´Oréal. Coca-Cola had one of the biggest climbs this year, up from position 14 in 2012 to position 4 this year. On the engineering ranking, Siemens passes the BMW Group and IBM to become the new winner.

“Both rankings show us that Europe’s highly educated youths want to work for big international companies with well-known brands”, says Joao Araujo, Universum’s Global Marketing Manager.

Banking and Big 4 are hot

There are several banks ranked on the business index and most of them keep their positions, giving us an industry average consistent with last year. The professional services industry is also stable: PwC (formerly PricewaterhouseCoopers) and KPMG exchange positions to PwC´s favor, and EY moves up one position from last year. “Most of the companies in these industries are strong when it comes to employer branding: they work hard and know how to attract the top talent”, continues Araujo.

What makes a winning employer this year

This year, the top employers in the engineering ranking are associated with attributes that students across Europe find attractive and important. The top attributes associated with the most attractive employers among engineering student in Europe include: employers that possess an innovative and progressive work environment, companies that offer significant leadership and training opportunities, international employers, and finally, the desire to work for a secure and financially stable employer.

Women want to work where there are other women

Both in the business and the engineering group, the female students are more interested in the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) companies. Johnson & Johnson, L´Oréal and Henkel are all a favourite employers among the women, while the men generally prefer to work for the management consultancy firms and investment banks.

“There are still big gender differences when we look at what type of employers the students chose. Even though their ideal industries might be very different, the female students chose employers they think of as being inclusive for women. This should be an eye-opener for employers: they have to show an open culture for female candidates.” ends Claudia Tattanelli, Universum’s Global Director.

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