Siemens Case Study

Siemens’ Development of a new Employer Value Proposition

Universum releases comprehensive case study detailing their journey with Siemens to create their new EVP.

Just like in many other companies, for a long time Siemens had pictured employer branding as a talent acquisition topic, with a strong focus on recruitment. Due to the increasing strategical need for companies to be positioned as attractive employers to work for, Siemens realized that a more inclusive approach was needed.

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In 2008, Siemens launched an Employer Branding campaign, however as time passed the emphasis on Employer Branding was overshadowed by a strong focus on marketing communication. Since 2014, Siemens made a complete transformation as a company.
In 2014 Rosa Riera started working as Head of Employer Branding and Social Innovation and broadened the scope of Employer Branding at Siemens. Rosa Riera explains, ‘to me employer branding is not only about recruitment, it also comprises a strong element of employee engagement and employee identification. Besides that it underpins the “Master Brand”. It is a symbiosis of HR- and communication topics – coupled with business needs.
Christoph Knorn, Siemens’ Global Director Employer Branding, describes the challenges:
“Somebody who isn’t aware of what a company stands for will never have this company top of mind when thinking of an employer of choice. We learnt that many students and young professionals, and even more concerning a share of our own employees had no idea what Siemens really stood for as well as the opportunities offered by Siemens. This is fatal when facing the future: If fewer and fewer people know what a company stands for, the company will eventually become less and less interesting to people.”

Universum’s rankings which represent the most attractive employers for students and young professions indicated that Siemens was still doing well in many markets. However, it was around this time that Siemens started showing the first signs of global decline in popularity in the rankings. The employer brand decreased slowly but steadily – a development which deeply concerned Siemens.

“We were convinced that we still had a great offering for the labor market – as our products make a true impact on society as a whole and help many people. The effects our solutions had were enormous, but the talent market was not aware of this. In the past we didn’t manage to convey this effectively in our story telling. We wanted to change this moving forward.”

Rosa Riera, VP of Siemens’ Employer Branding and Social Innovation division

Over the last 13 years, Roger Manfredsson, Vice President Global Sales & MD EMEA at Universum, has advised the biggest companies in the world on how to become a relevant and highly attractive employers. Describing working with Siemens towards the creation of their new EVP, Manfredsson said:
“Siemens has used an approach to Employer Branding that is world-leading and cutting-edge. They have connected all the necessary dots, to truly succeed with the quest of becoming a very attractive and relevant employer, for top-talents around the world”. He continued “You can find all the processes, actions and decisions they have made in this case study”.

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