Six tips to sell your job description to millennials

Six tips to sell your job description to millennials

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Last week Jennifer Anne King, Software Advice HR Analyst, wrote a blog post about “Six Ways to Sell a Millennial With Your Job Description.”

Here’s a short excerpt from her post:

While some managers and recruiters are fed up with some of the stereotypical behaviours of Generation Y, this group is predicted to make up nearly 75% of the world’s workforce by 2025, according to the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation. The best of them will be in high demand, and companies can start using the job description to court them.

6 key messages to attract Gen Y

In her blog post, Jennifer writes about six ways employers should tweak job descriptions to attract talented Gen Y,  by telling them:

  • Why they should want to work for you.
  • Why the position matters to the company.
  • About what the job could do for them.
  • About your creative benefits.
  • About your vision for the position.
  • Your company story, quickly.


Read the full post on her HR blog: http://blog.softwareadvice.com/articles/hr/millennial-with-your-job-description-041712/